Vojtěch Machek

My precinct is the internet and
I work at break-neck speed.

About me

I’m a dreamer who fell in love with the internet. My interests are economics and marketing and I am fascinated by modern technology.

In free time I create custom websites. However, I don’t have too much of it, because I run several international web projects myself.

Besides that, I’m an investor and actively trade (a small) part of my portfolio. I buy and sell cryptocurrencies, stocks and ETFs, collect NFTs and precious metals and even work with a bit of real estate as well.

As you probably know, the shoemaker’s children go barefoot. That’s why you won’t find anything else on this page.

You can follow me on Twitter, where you might find the degenerate part of me, or LinkedIn, where I am actively inactive. Much wow.

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